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Rice and white bean salad‏

This is perfect for those hot summer nights and for the yogic diet and should take no more than around 10 to 15 minutes to prepare.

Serves 2-3.


Basmati rice                             200g

Purple carrots                         2 medium

Courgette                                  1 medium

Black or green olives           Half cup (pitted)

Cherry tomatoes                   15 –20

Rosemary herb                        Handful

Lemon                                           Slice

White beans (glass jar preferably)   250g



Start boiling basmati rice. While that is boiling start chopping

(You have around 8-10mins)

Slice the tomatoes into quarters (use a sharp knife)

Grate the carrots and courgette

Slice the olives into tiny little pieces

Finely chop the herbs (very, very small)

Be sure to rinse of the starch from the rice once cooked and put into a large mixing bowl

Add the Courgette, Olives, tomatoes and beans

When you have folded all the food in the bowl, serve onto the plate and sprinkle the carrots and herbs over the top for a colourful dish and finally you can squeeze a little lemon if you wish.

This is quick, fresh and needs to be eaten the same day due to the raw element. Easy and great for you.

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