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Seaweed Rice Noodle

Makes 3-4 serves.

This is becoming the favourite dish  of the year. Already we’ve had it at least once a week for last three. I am sure you are going to love this.

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Main Ingredients:

Vietnamese Rice Noodle               200g

Hijaki Seaweed                                     50g

Broccoli                                                     500g

Fine Asparagus Tips                          110g

First soak seaweed. This will need around 15-20mins (read the packet as the type/thickness will determine time)

Then cook Gluten free Rice Noodle – usually only takes around 5-8 minutes.

While that is cooking:

Chop up broccoli and asparagus into very small pieces.

Put broccoli and asparagus and Butter beans into a saucepan. Squirt a good amount into the saucepan/wok ( If on the diet use Liquid Amino or else soy sauce) and start to warm up the pan.. keep on low heat.. do not cook. Just warm.  Add more soy sauce/Liquid amino.

While the wok is warming up.. drain and rinse off the noodles and add to the wok.. and fold in.  I like to chop the noodles on  a board first before adding to the pan.. but that’s up to you.


Once limp then drain off.


Sesame oil                             3 table spoons

Olive oil                                   2 tablespoons

Garlic                                        3 cloves crushed

Ginger                                      Crushed tablespoon

Red wine vinegar               2 tablespoons

Mix the sauce ingredients in a bowl and add the drained seaweed. Fold through noodles etc and serve.

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