Tues salad header image

Rice and Tuesdays salad with patties

Tues salad image

White basmati rice


Baby spinach leaves

Mung bean sprouts

2 grated baby carrots

10 cherry tomatoes

Black pitted olives sliced

2 black tomatoes

6 baby asparagus tips chopped

2 mushrooms

1 sweet red pepper

Cold pressed olive oil

Avocado and hummus dip

One whole ripe avocado

Half a cup of chickpeas

Lemon juice

1 clove of garlic

Sesame oil and olive oil:
1 tablespoon of each all blended into a fine dip

The burgers are a little bit of a cheat as they were bought from a health food store. They have become a favourite at the dinner table and are made up totally of vegetables and are completely vegan wheat free gluten free sugar free and free of all preservatives, sadly they weren’t free but only cost around to pounds £2.50 a pack.

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