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Steamed Broccoli and Mushroom Rice Dish


One whole broccoli – Cut into small bite size pieces

1 pack baby mushrooms - Cut into small bite size pieces if necessary)

4 carrots grated – Grated

1 red onion – Chop into tiny pieces

2 teeth of garlic – Crushed

Olive oil – Couple of tables spoons

Capers – A few tables spoons

Black and green olives – Chopped

Asparagus – Chopped

Butter beans – One tin

Salt – Teaspoo

Basmati rice


Start cooking the rice
Steam broccoli and mushrooms separately
Chop the red onions and fry in a wok along with the garlic
After a few minutes add the butter beans, steamed vegetables (broccoli, asparagus and mushrooms) and grated carrot
Cook and fold through for a few minutes
Finally add the capers and olives and some salt
Serve with rice

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