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Steamed Broccoli and Mushroom Rice Dish


One whole broccoli – Cut into small bite size pieces

1 pack baby mushrooms - Cut into small bite size pieces if necessary)

4 carrots grated – Grated

1 red onion – Chop into tiny pieces

2 teeth of garlic – Crushed

Olive oil – Couple of tables spoons

Capers – A few tables spoons

Black and green olives – Chopped

Asparagus – Chopped

Butter beans – One tin

Salt – Teaspoo

Basmati rice


Start cooking the rice
Steam broccoli and mushrooms separately
Chop the red onions and fry in a wok along with the garlic
After a few minutes add the butter beans, steamed vegetables (broccoli, asparagus and mushrooms) and grated carrot
Cook and fold through for a few minutes
Finally add the capers and olives and some salt
Serve with rice

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Potato and Pesto bean salad


200gms black eye beans

10gms organic mixed bean sprouts

2-3tbs wheat/gluten/dairy free basil pesto

Half cucumber chopped / diced

Sunflower seeds

Pumpkin seeds

Two or three large tomatoes diced

10-15 olives pitted. Green is better



Boil the potatoes and then add everything into a large bowl and fold everything through. Once mixed you can add some grated vegan cheese.

Best served cold.

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Oats and fruits Breakfast


Raw Organic Oats

Goji berries





Chia seeds


Soak the raw oats in cold or hot water for roughly 15 mins. At the same time, in a small glass soak the Gogi Berries.

Mix in a good sprinkling of Chia seed into the porridge and stir.

Chop up all the fruits and add to the mix, along with the drained         Goji Berries.


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Rocket Bean Salad


Watercress, Spinach and Rocket        Whole packet

Wild Rocket lettuce                                    Whole packet

Half cucumber                                                Half chopped

Cherry tomatoes                                          11 sliced in halves

Basil                                                                      15gms/half packet

Spring onions                                                  5 chopped

Carrot                                                                  1 chopped

Sundried tomatoes                                      5 chopped

Can of mixed beans in water                 1 can

Pitted Kalamata Olives                            10 to 15 sliced

Cold pressed olive oil                                 2-3 tablespoons




Just drop in the salad leaves and mix well, then add the basil, chopped and mix through. Followed by all the other ingredients. This will fill you up and keep you going for the rest of the afternoon. The olives and sundried tomatoes along with the fresh basil and rocket are all very flavoursome and should give your mouth a real taste sensation.

You might want to add some pine nuts or cashews. It’s up to you.

Thank you mother earth for your abundant nature.

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Seaweed Rice Noodle

Makes 3-4 serves.

This is becoming the favourite dish  of the year. Already we’ve had it at least once a week for last three. I am sure you are going to love this.

2014-04-29 20.35.52

Main Ingredients:

Vietnamese Rice Noodle               200g

Hijaki Seaweed                                     50g

Broccoli                                                     500g

Fine Asparagus Tips                          110g

First soak seaweed. This will need around 15-20mins (read the packet as the type/thickness will determine time)

Then cook Gluten free Rice Noodle – usually only takes around 5-8 minutes.

While that is cooking:

Chop up broccoli and asparagus into very small pieces.

Put broccoli and asparagus and Butter beans into a saucepan. Squirt a good amount into the saucepan/wok ( If on the diet use Liquid Amino or else soy sauce) and start to warm up the pan.. keep on low heat.. do not cook. Just warm.  Add more soy sauce/Liquid amino.

While the wok is warming up.. drain and rinse off the noodles and add to the wok.. and fold in.  I like to chop the noodles on  a board first before adding to the pan.. but that’s up to you.


Once limp then drain off.


Sesame oil                             3 table spoons

Olive oil                                   2 tablespoons

Garlic                                        3 cloves crushed

Ginger                                      Crushed tablespoon

Red wine vinegar               2 tablespoons

Mix the sauce ingredients in a bowl and add the drained seaweed. Fold through noodles etc and serve.

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My thoughts on food

So well done! You’ve found my site either because you are looking to become vegan, or want to incorporate more raw food into your diet or were directed here because you are on a specific two week diet.

I would like to tell you a little about myself and why this blog had to happen. Firstly, I am very passionate about food. But I am more passionate about being healthy and helping people and I believe I can help you by providing recipes that will give your body everything it needs.

We need to eat to survive, but what we eat can be so much more than that. Life is not just about surviving is it?  We eat because we are hungry and our bodies are looking for nourishment.  Eating food that is processed and unhealthy means our bodies won’t send the message to our brain that we have had enough and stop. It will keep wanting us to eat until it feels it has gotten the nutrients and minerals it needs.  So until that happens we will just keep eating and eating and you know the rest of that story.  So eating is about giving our body what it needs not about filling our bellies until we can’t move (totally my story). I remember when just about everything I ate (usually to excess) made me feel sluggish and bloated.  I nearly always had a drop in energy just after eating and always made sure I wore a loose fitting baggy shirt so I could relax after the meal, and hide my budda belly.

I realised it was time to stop and think about the food I was eating and to make a few changes. I wanted to feel good all the time not some of the time. So this site is about eating to feel good. It’s about fuelling the body so it can do what it was designed to do; heal itself and live a long and prosperous life. More on Star Trek later… Only kidding… So now we know why food is important.

I LOVE preparing and cooking food so that I can share it with someone. To see them enjoying my creations is like watching someone tear open a present at Christmas and be truly grateful it wasn’t a box of second hand hankies but the Ferrari they always dreamed of!  I love nothing more than to sit down with someone over dinner to eat and talk… and connecting with people is the most important and fulfilling thing we can do and it starts by connecting with the food we eat;  where it has come from, what it is and what it gives us and what is involved in producing it. How natural is it? I believe we are at a junction in history where the choices we are facing about the food we eat are becoming the most important decisions we are making.

So back to the food you will find here on my site.  Every night when I get home from work I look in the cupboards and think of what I/we would like to eat. What is my body asking for?  Is it something light or a heavy?  Do I/we want a soup or something really colourful with lots of red in it?  Do I need some comforting food at the moment?  I think it is always a good idea to take a moment to check in with our bodies and ask what it needs. Through this blog I hope to help you become more intuitive in how you feed yourself. This site is not just about me posting recipes but a way for you to learn the how and why.

So remember, the healthier the food, the more nutrients your body receives and the better you will feel.  The recipes will be a mix of raw and cooked meals. Snacks, main dishes, deserts and smoothies.  Whether you are cooking for 2 or 10. And anything I create that turns out well will be posted.

Remember Mother Nature provided us with an abundance of food that grows out of the ground that is enough for us to thrive and not just survive. I was watching a documentary today called The truth about cancer”  the running theme in today’s episode (1 of 7) is that the medical profession mostly overlooks nutrition because there is no money in healthy people.  There is no money in healthy people but there is in manufactured medicine; Synthetic drugs and the medical industry certainly profits on the back of our diseases and illnesses. Well I say it’s time to stop. It’s time to heal ourselves and heal this world.

So I get home and cook a new meal most nights and then take a picture and post it on this blog along side instagram and Facebook. The recipes will be on this site and are free to anyone who wants them.  All I ask is that you sign up.

Whether you try one these recipes or all of them, I welcome your feedback.  Be it on the way I present the food and the recipes, how the food turned out, if the recipe was easy to follow or whether you are just saying hello. I am looking forward to hearing from you.  I am happy to make any changes (within reason) to make it easier for you to follow.  By the way, the food that you will find on this site is quite specific to a particular way of living.  A lifestyle if you like. One that is kinder to the planet and certainly kinder to your body.

Let food be thy medicine. Happy eating and happy healing.

One Love! Haux Haux!

Tues salad header image

Rice and Tuesdays salad with patties

Tues salad image

White basmati rice


Baby spinach leaves

Mung bean sprouts

2 grated baby carrots

10 cherry tomatoes

Black pitted olives sliced

2 black tomatoes

6 baby asparagus tips chopped

2 mushrooms

1 sweet red pepper

Cold pressed olive oil

Avocado and hummus dip:

One whole ripe avocado

Half a cup of chickpeas

Lemon juice

1 clove of garlic

Sesame oil and olive oil:
1 tablespoon of each all blended into a fine dip

The burgers are a little bit of a cheat as they were bought from a health food store. They have become a favourite at the dinner table and are made up totally of vegetables and are completely vegan wheat free gluten free sugar free and free of all preservatives, sadly they weren’t free but only cost around to pounds £2.50 a pack.

Noodle Salad header image

Raw Noodle Salad

This should only take you as long as it takes to chop up some
vegetables, so about 15 minutes and will feed 2 to 3 servings.


Rice Noodle/Vermicelli                      200g

Carrots                                                         3 medium

Courgette                                                   2 medium

Red Onion                                                  Half

Sweet Red Pepper                                 1 any size

Butter Beans                                             1 can

Garlic and Ginger                                   Tablespoon of each

Oregano or Basil or Coriander      Big handful when chopped

Lemon                                                           Half squeezed

Liquid Amino                                            Add to taste


Chopped ingredients
Chopped ingredients


Mix everything in a bowl
Mix everything in a bowl

Raw Noodle salad

First of all cook the noodles. Usually this takes about 5-7 minutes depending on how thick they are.

While the noodles are cooking, start to chop all the vegetables into tiny pieces. You can use any vegetables. I always go for bright colours, so I’ve used a sweet pepper, carrots, courgettes and red onions.

The herb I grabbed from the balcony was Oregano, but you can pick whatever you like. It’s all trial and error. Remember we are looking to learn about what our body needs and what goes with what. And whats the worst that can happen?

Chop up your herbs and you want to end up with a good handful once chopped. Chop the ginger and crush the cloves of garlic.

Once the noodles are cooked, rinse under hot water. I like to chop the noodles as it makes it easier to spoon into your mouth. Then throw absolutely everything into the mixing bowl and just keep squirting the liquid amino/Soy sauce and give it the taste test. Keep stirring as you want that garlic and ginger to spread evenly throughout and Hey presto! We are ready to eat.

This is gluten free, mainly raw and so nutritious.
But most importantly it is kind to your stomach, the pocket,
and the animals and therefore the planet.

Haux Haux

Ahh lunch is served
Ahh lunch is served


Pesto Pizza header image

Raw Pesto Pizza

You can have this raw or hot by chucking it into the oven
for ten minutes. Totally up to you.


Hemp protein powder        5 heaped spoons

Rice flour                                     7 heaped spoons

Ground almonds                    100g

Superlife smoothie mix       4 heaped spoons

Agave syrup                               4 tablespoons

Water                                            Add until you get the right doughy texture


Ready to slice
Ready to slice


Mix all this in the food processor and then lay out flat . You want a thickness of 2cm . Use a rolling pin/side of a deep sauce pan and then pop into a dehydrator on 105F/40degrees for about 12 hours or leave in a very well ventilated warm dry room overnight. Outdoors in the sunshine could work but be aware that temp can go over 40 degres. Some ovens have dehydrators or leave it in conventional oven on the very lowest heat until it is dry with door open (not if you have young children!). Try not to cook it. You may end up with one big slab or two..


The thinner the base is, the quicker it will dry out.

Using an oven:

Put your pizza base on a non-stick metal dish/greaseproof paper and place in the oven and keep the door open. Use a fan if the oven has one. You need to keep air flowing and the heat down. The timing will be different when using an oven versus a dehydrator so keep an eye.  It all depends on how thick your base is, the lowest temp on your oven, but keep checking every couple of hours. (Don’t leave oven on overnight please). Treat the first time as a learning experience and you should be fine from there.

Pesto base sauce:

Fresh Basil                               3 packets/good handful

Lemon                                         Juice half lemon

Pine Nuts                                 60 grams

Ground everything up in a pestle until you get a lovely green creamy thick sauce and spread onto pizza like butter.


Chop everything to small mouth sized pieces.

Red peppers, mushrooms, red onions and cherry tomatoes. You can put anything you like really. I topped it off with some grated vegan cheese.

As I say, you can have this raw and the texture of the base will contrast really well with the crunchy toppings or pop it in the oven or under the grill. Cherry tomatoes will become really sweet, which is great against the base which is quite earthy flavoured.  I prefer the oven on a low heat so you don’t cook out the goodness of the toppings. Remember it retains all it’s goodness if kept under around 40 degrees.

Have fun and let me know how you go with this one. I already have a list of people who want this the next time they come round. And you can make extra  of the base and pop into the freezer. Perfect when you are on the run and don’t have the time or inclination to spend hours preparing.

Thank you mother earth for your part in this recipe.
Haux haux.